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In the summer of 1996, we came to meet this wonderful dog breed that only took a moments time to fall in love.Autumn had finally arrived that same year and blessed us with our first named Leo Blahafalvi Fetka. To our family she was Fetka baby her whole life. Unfortunately, on February 17th 2007 we had to say a farewell to her presence as she left us over the rainbow bridge. She was missed terribly since she was a family member. I told myself that we didn’t need any more dogs because i never wanted to feel this pain again.Honestly, this mindset only lasted two days before I started to look at what kind of dogs could be a great match for our family. Fetka

I must admit that the following quote hits the nail right on the head, "Who has once held a leonberger is unable to keep any other kind of dog," and I must admit that this quote hits the nail right on the head because i looked at other large dog breeds but i always found my way back to the Leonberger breed. In Hungary, this breed is not easy to fin so we had to expand our search to Germany and after some time we finally recieved the news that we could go pick up our beloved new member Armi. We set out on this road trip with such joy and happiness knowing that this little ball of fur will be able to ease and let us forget the pain of our first Leonberger loss. That it surely did because we were a family once again and this unconditional love and acceptance he showed us is what we needed back in life. Army

2008 came along and we came to the conclusion that Armi needs a partner and friend which lead us back to searching the wonderful internet to find a perfect match for our boy. Successfully we found little Cleo in Finland which meant another exciting road trip that we couldn’t wait to get on! We drove thousands of kilometers, through snow and mud, ferries to cross where we couldn’t go through with car, but nothing stopped us. When we arrived and saw the beautiful girl she was a split image of our loved Armi except a girl and we knew that she was the one for him. Now Armi had infinte patience with this little girl, not only did he and teach her everything he knew but he raised her as his own. Now this is a lesson that other females could take notes on because Armi was a true example. Both Armi and Cleo had competed in many dog shows and have won champion in several countries. Both of our dogs are displazya LPN1 free and also had an excellent nervous system. Cleo

In 2012, the time came to start thinking about puppies. Both of our dogs are displazya LPN1 free and also had an excellent nervous system. Unfortunately, on January 30 Armi had left us unexpectedly. During our walk he had collapsed and died. The thought breaks my heart still to this day. My sweet Armi was not just a dog but THE DOG. Pathological studies have shown that he had a brain infarction. This had to happen 2 days before we planned on breeding him. Armi's death really changed Cleo, so we decided that we bring her a partner

Mayro After another long search we found Mayro in Germany. It was a great pleasure to see that within 1-2 weeks after Cleo was almost back to normal. It made me smile seeing her happily running around and playing with the other dogs. Seeing Cleo teach little Mayro all the things that Armi had taught her made me feel like Armi was still here with us and we hope that we will have many more years of happiness with these wonderful dogs.

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